August 28, 2015

Site work at new NMRHS underway


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Site work at new NMRHS underway
Project will take 3 years to complete

By Anne O'Connor,
POSTED: 08/28/2015 07:33:28 AM EDT

TOWNSEND -- Over a month into a three-year project, things are rolling along right on time.

Most visibly, over 100 trees have been removed from the west side of North Middlesex High School. A fence blocks off the construction site and an athletic field in the back of the lot is gone.

A huge mound of dirt shows the amount of soil that has been scraped off. R.A. Powell Construction of Lunenburg will screen all the soil to remove stones. Then they will add nutrients so that it can be used to grow grass, said Rob Rennie, the project superintendent for the general contractor, CTA Construction of Waltham.

The new building will be built on the west side of the current school, coming within 15 feet of the old building, said Tim Willis, project manager from the architectural firm, Heery International. The former central office buildings will be torn down and the lot will be graded for the new building.

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