CTA Construction Managers Tops Off New Lexington Police Station

Lexington, MA – CTA Construction Managers, the firm overseeing the building of Lexington’s new police station, recently celebrated the topping off of the building with town officials; members of the community; representatives from Tecton Architects, who designed the building; and Dore and Whittier, the town’s project management firm.

Construction continues to progress at a rapid pace. “We are working on the exterior envelope and continuing interior framing along with mechanical rough work,” said Jeff Hazelwood, principal, CTA Construction Managers. The project is scheduled to be completed in 2024.

“We continue to work closely with the town, their project management firm, Dore & Whittier, and the team at CTA Construction Managers. The new facility is being constructed in compliance with the town’s Integrated Building Design and Construction policy and the town’s net zero goals,” said Matt Salad, lead architect from Tecton Architects.

“The building will be electric vehicle ready when it is completed and at the 2023 Annual Town Meeting, plans for funding the design, purchase, and installation of solar canopies and energy storage batteries at the site were discussed,” added Mike Burton, partner at Dore & Whittier.

“We are very happy the construction is on track to be completed by summer 2024,” said Mike Cronin, director of public facilities for Lexington. “The new building will be a major improvement for our residents and enhance our ability to continue to handle the needs of our growing community.”