July 10, 2020

CTA Construction Begins Erecting Pre-Engineered Building For Burlington DPW and Parks & Recreation Facility

New $24 million facility on Great Meadow Road creates indoor storage for

vehicles and equipment; administrative offices and repair shop bays


Burlington, Mass. (July 10, 2020) – CTA Construction announced today that it has begun erecting the first of two pre-engineered metal buildings (PEMB) as part of the $24 million Burlington DPW and Parks & Recreation facility project. The Great Meadow Road facilities will create indoor storage for DPW and Parks department vehicles and equipment, as well as repair shop bays and administrative office space.

The project, which is scheduled to be completed in two phases by July 2022, consists of a 28,000 square foot DPW and Parks & Recreation building (Site 1) to be completed in Phase One. Phase Two is a 40,000 square foot DPW building (Site 2) – to commence once DPW operations have vacated the existing building.

While erection of the PEMB commenced just recently, construction activities have been ongoing since February 2020 - with the project continuing uninterrupted during the COVID-19 economic shutdown, as it was classified an essential operation.

 “Our project team and our subcontractors have done a remarkable job since March adhering carefully to COVID-19 safety protocols and best practices at all times,” said Paul DuRoss, a principal at CTA Construction. “This is an important project for the Town of Burlington and keeping it on track has been a top priority. Is will help preserve and lengthen the life of vehicles and equipment, while also providing enhanced workspace and other features that improve the work experience for these critical town departments.”

The new DPW and Parks & Recreation facility is comprised of three adjacent spaces including a pre-engineered metal vehicle and equipment storage space, pre-engineered vehicle maintenance space, and an administration space. The vehicle and equipment storage building will be a one-story structure with 11 vehicle parking spaces. The vehicle maintenance space will be located next to the storage garage, and will include nine shop bays across 11,000 square feet. The administrative area will be located next to the vehicle maintenance and vehicle storage buildings separated by an expansion joint. It will include three shop bays and administrative spaces across a total 6,300 square feet.

The DPW facility is proposed to be three adjacent spaces comprising of a pre- engineered metal vehicle and equipment storage space, a pre-engineered metal administrative space, and a pre-engineered metal vehicle shops space. The vehicle and equipment storage building will be a one-story structure with 32 vehicle parking spaces totaling approximately 24,700 square feet and located on the southeast of the site.

Waltham-based CTA Construction has completed more than 65 high-quality municipal construction projects in the Commonwealth since it was founded in 2000, making the company one of the most experienced municipal builders in the state.

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